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New Rapid Weight Loss method. Learn and make use of it.
Steplite Method - Weight Loss- 5-10 kg/Mo. By Dr Sajid Jamal


Instead of usual Diet and Exercise Duo, I started using "The Third powerful element", and got amazing results. 

Rapid , Effective weight management in Steplite way. 

  • Unique approach provides fast, effective weight loss without drugs, or surgery. Much beyond diet and exercise.

  • Online, but hands on hybrid program- Learn everything online. 

  • Low cost for training.

Next Training Webinar 2.30 hours

26 May 2024

Sun 5pm to 730 pm. 


Webinar fee 1850 per head.

Register now by using the QR code.

send screenshot of the Payment to 7994506521 afterwards

use the link and enter 1850

or use the QR code given. Payment gateway hosted by EasyPCOS.

Be a Fast weight loss coach.

Obesity is increasing, and weight loss experts are high in demand. People look for rapid ways to lose weight before their willpower vanishes.

Eligibility: Any nutritionist, fitness coach, health and wellness coach who deal with weight management. 

Join our 150 minutes training program. It is easy to practice along with some updation of your information on nutrition and exercise, and fitness. 

Learn all conventional things in obesity Rx

Learn everything significant in weight loss management. Everything others know.

  • about all diets

  • about all exercises

  • about all drugs used etc.

Learn the secrets of Steplite.

You also learn the methods others don't know.

Cost Structure

Cost of training 2000 for two hours. training program is via Zoom Webinar.

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